Our planet is a fascinating, fabulous and fragile place whose beauty and intricacy never seizes to amaze us. We strive to share this fascination with you by venturing to very remote destinations and by making you an integral part of the exploration of these rarely-visited realms and their inhabitants. Our crew and our expert guides have a passion to share their extensive knowledge of our destinations with you and we hope to be able to pass as much of this knowledge on to you as possible.

Although we do sail to these destinations, sailing as a sport is not in the forefront of our minds. To us, sailing is a sustainable and reliable mode of transportation that enables us to visit places that would otherwise be nearly inaccessible. Venturing to such destination brings with it a responsibility to tread lightly, particularly in the Arctic with its short growing season. This is another reason why we travel by sea rather than by land.

Wherever it is sustainable to do so, we make use of local resources, but due to the extremely low population density of the remote places we visit and associated logistical challenges, this is often difficult or impossible.

So we do need to be self-sufficient most of the time, bringing everything with us that we require to do what we are passionate about. Our trusted wooden sailing vessel Ezra has been carefully equipped for just this purpose.

We are of course aware that travel by air is generally required for you to join us on one of our voyages. It is very important to us that you do so as responsibly as possible and we therefore not only provide you with free CO2-compensation for your flights with our own certificate, but we actually double that. We not only aim to tread lightly, but we actually want to make a difference. Of course, we do the same for the flights of our crew members as well as for every other type of fossil fuel use throughout the whole season.

Whatever we do, we try our very best not to leave anything behind but favourable impressions and to take nothing with us but fond memories. We hope you will do the same…