Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to experience a world that is as far away from your everyday life as you can possibly imagine? What it must have been like for the explorers of old to discover uncharted territories? Are you longing to soak up the beauty and the tranquility of pristine natural environments with all your senses? Have you been asking yourself whether the impact of our hectic modern lifestyle can be felt in the remotest corners of our planet?

Then we invite you to join us on one of our exclusive expedition-style voyages, find out for yourself and make a dream come true! We offer maritime voyages to very remote destinations with expert guides who will be able to satisfy your curious mind and who will likely provoke many new and interesting thoughts.

We want you to experience your chosen destination up-close and un-filtered and to provide you with the opportunity to learn as much about it as you desire.

Most of the voyages we offer take us to the far north into realms where the natural environment is changing rapidly due to climate change. We see this as a chance to share with you a rare insight into a world that may soon be gone forever. See for yourself how its inhabitants – both natural and human – are coping with these changes. Catch a glimpse of their challenges and their view of an uncertain future. But most of all, we wish to share with you our fascination with the indescribable beauty of the Arctic. It is truly breathtaking!